Farewell Email

Farewell Email

Dear Colleagues and Partners,
19 years of work for Telco industry have been a wonderful journey in my life, specially the last 3 years in this company. I enjoy our positive working environment here and shall miss all when I leave.

Not leaving empty handed … I’m bringing the most valued experience and knowledge gained from here. I move forward to be an entrepreneur, not to work for other operator or vendor.

However, I make lots of good friends here. I am looking forward to keep our good relation continued and improved. Please do forgive me for all actions or words that does not comfort you, or make you hurt.

So dearest colleagues and partners, thank you.

Have fun working wherever you are … because the best place to work is a place where you can be your best!

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5 thoughts on “Farewell Email

  1. aku suka banget foto mba De yang pake hijab bunga2 trus dibelakangnya tulisan dan logo smartfren…kereennn mba..;))

    oia..smoga sukses buat Mba De dikedepannya…;))

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